Wood Pusher is an independent publication immersed in the culture of what skateboarding stands for. The idea came about due to the lack of coverage of some of the serious talent this country has to offer, and the confidence that we can shine a light on the UK’s up and coming.

We feel there is still so much space within skateboarding for print, and it is something that should never be forgotten. Once our online trial issue is published, our focus will be 100% directed at putting together a printed publication with quality and design that is not often associated with skateboarding itself. Featured riders will come from up and down the country, and may have a companies looking after them, or they may not. Our ethos does not take into account your background or your preferential type of skateboarding, purely your attitude towards it.

We have a small team here at Wood Pusher, with strong links into skateboarding, street art, music, photography and drinking.

Think you have something to bring to the party?



  1. jim watt

    Well done you guys. I know how hard you’ve worked to make this happen.

  2. Marcos

    Really hyped to see a print magazine coming up! Hope you keep printing for many years ahead!

    • woodpusher

      Thank you Marcos. Your book is on its way to you, enjoy!

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