Request for Rippers

Here at Wood Pusher, we don’t think skateboarding needs to be cliquey. Boys are always going to run with their crew, but that doesn’t mean that we should be trapped in these confines. We should be stoked on anyone with a skateboard, so how did it get to the point where we’re cussing a shredder down because of his trousers, or trick selection?

jake ollie behind

Our ethos is to represent upcoming talent from across the UK, no matter who you chose to skate with or what companies, if any endorse you. The main boxes to tick when sending a photo are: We prefer street photos, no skatepark. The photo hasn’t been released before, exclusive to Wood Pusher. No minimum stair count, no preferred labels and we’re not fussed about who took it. But, if you are a transition dog and you’re ripping send it over and you might make it online/in print.

If you feel you are sat on the photo that will change the vibe of our first online issue and want to see it published, send it through and we’ll do the rest.


Photo: Jake Watt finds an awkward line over the rail. Taken by Darren Eyles