Charlie Gush recently dropped a transition based part filmed in locations around the capital…
Big up Joe Adkins for filming, editing and music creation!

Keep scrolling to read Gush’s interview from our online issue…

Might as well start this then. Who are you, where are you from?

I’m from Weymouth, my name is Charlie Gush

Do you ride for anyone?

Idea Skateboards

How did that come about, you’re in Weymouth, they’re in Bristol?

I went on a trip with Joey an they were like do you want flow? So I was like ‘yeah, calm’. Thats pretty much how it went down.

Some more must have happened, did you get the photos for this interview on that trip?

Yea, we went to Dean Lane, Rob came down and was like yeah…
Joey – Rob saw Gush skating Campus Pool
Gush – Campus was sick!
Joey – There’s an Idea video dropping from there as well
Gush- And fresh arms

So you’re on the cover of Wood Pusher’s first online issue and you’re jumping off a building. Who’s idea was that, yours or Joey’s?

I was just like, I want to jump of a roof cause I like jumping off shit. Really high shit.

It shows, there’s a lot of Raybourn in your skating

I like Salba as well, and Neil Blender

Damn, thats going back a bit

Jeff Grosso as well

You’re a big fan of skating before you were born and the toy accessories that came with it, what’s with the rails?

I like rails, not skating them. The plastic ones

How long have you skated them for?

About three years

(Joey) Are you a fan of the sky hook?
Bun sky hook man, that’s a gimmick

What about Tail Devils?

What the fucks a Tail Devil. The sparky things? Nah, they’re retarded as fuck man

What’s another shit thing in skateboarding?

Stalefishes? Nah not stalefishes, I said the wrong word, they’re sick. Err, roast beef grabs.

Kickflip roast beef, very Billy Marks

Who the fuck is Billy Marks?

Is there anything sold in skate shops that shouldn’t be?

Fuck Janoskis, it’ all about Vans, straight Vans. They’re comfy, maybe need to work on then soles, but just super good shoes for skateboarding. And one of the oldest.

I heard a rumour that your mum brought a dress for our launch party?

She’s got some fucking Santa Cruz dress. It’s sick, Jason Jesse Pray For Me print, she’s real stoked.

What’s your best mum story?

Getting wavy at Stonehenge on my sixteenth birthday, she was there, my brother was. A couple of mates, all good.

What’s your worst moment in skateboarding?

I don’t know man, skateboarding hurts. I got run over by a bike when I bailed once when I was young learning to rock fakie. It ran over my back, not a smart move.

What do you always carry when you skate?

A brush for spots

First video you remember watching?

World Industries, Rubbish Heap

Shout outs?

Joey Foxx, Alex Hill, Gengle Swaggins, Mr Tedious Perch, Rob and Idea, and my mum. We cool!