Otis Palmer: Destination Fucked


One classically wet Sunday a few weeks back, we headed out on the skate with the intention of shooting the cover photo for the first printed publication from Wood Pusher (dropping early June). Unfortunately for Otis, it didn’t end with celebrations over getting that all-important photo. Instead, the lad got buck. Rather than write a long summary of the day, here’s Otis to tell all…


                            When things don’t quite go to plan (scroll down for the clip). Photo – Darren Eyles

Safe Otis, how’s the recovery process going?

Recovery process is going good, I guess I’ve just been working at BAYSIXTY6 a lot while I’ve been recovering, but spent a lot of time in bed as well. Every day I’ve wanted to skate though.

How long are you going to be out for?

I’ve been out for a month so far but I have a couple physio sessions coming up within then next two weeks. So once the muscle is back in my leg I’ll start skating again but for now I’m taking it easy.

Is that the gnarliest rail you’ve tried?

Yeah I definitely think that rail is fucked. The run up is stupidly small but it’s definitely a gnarly rail to do. The way the rail ends half way up the stairs scares me, at first I was not feeling it at all but I just thought fuck it, it doesn’t look as deadly as I thought and I learnt the hard way…

You’ve definitely got it though, will you be going back?

I will definitely go back to that rail, maybe not for some time but I’m sure I will go back soon and get something gnarly.

Tell us about that day, it was wet, limited spots to skate. How were you feeling for it?

The rain put me off for sure, but as the day was ending it started to dry up so that’s when I tried it. We had no spots to skate really so the rail was one of the only options.

What was going through your head before you hit it? Could you see yourself riding away from it?

At first I thought I was going to land the rail perfectly and roll away but as soon as I popped I knew I was going to die, never expected the rail to be so steep.

Were you sufficiently warmed up?

I think I could have been more warmed up but at the end of the day it was really cold and wet so I couldn’t really warm up any more than I already was.

At what point did you know you were heading for destination fucked?

When my feet landed on the rail and my board fell down the stairs that’s when I knew I fucked up.

Your boys stopped watching to go play skate, is it their fault for not bringing the hype?

I didn’t want my boys to watch because that spot is really tight and I didn’t want it to be crowded as it puts me off.

What have you been doing since the injury?

For the first week I was at home not being able to move. But for the rest of the weeks I’ve just been chilling with my friends or working at BAYSIXTY6. There wasn’t much I could do with a broken hand and knee, I really looked like a cripple though!

Any bad feelings towards Will/Jake/Wood Pusher?

Only love for Wood Pusher, no hate! They paid for my taxi to hospital and supplied me with munchies whilst I was dying on the stairs. Always sick to skate with Wood Pusher as they always bring so much hype!